Opening Session Keynote Becoming the Best You No Matter What Life
Throws at You
Chad Porter

Is it really possible to be happy, healthy, and prosperous?  Is it possible to effectively manage change in your company and overcome the obstacles that payroll professionals encounter every day?  The answer is a resounding “YES!”  This presentation will tell you how you can take control of your destiny.





General Session Keynote:  Smartphones, Tablets, Watches … How Mobile Apps Have Become a Must Have in Today’s Payroll World
Brian Slowik

In today’s rapidly changing world of mobile technology keeping up with advances is very important to the payroll department. Join us to learn more about mobile applications for payroll, payroll distribution and information, as well as who uses mobile applications and why they have become an expectation of your employees.

General Session Keynote:  Work/Life Uplift
Vicki Flier Hudson

In this session we will explore the balance between our work and home lives and how the fulfillment in both will help to uplift the other.  A well-balanced employee will perform at a higher level within your team and will “uplift” others on the team to that same level. 


General Session Keynote: Lead Like Nobody’s Watching:  Be Bold. 
Be Brave.  Be Brilliant. 
Anne Grady

Leadership is the art of successfully influencing others to act and may be demonstrated at any level of the organization. Get ready for a dynamic, fun, and interactive session that will provide tools to create buy-in, gain support for your ideas, and be the person people want to follow.

General Session Keynote: Are You Trending Globally?
Michele Honomichl

Compliance is ever changing in the global environment from Brazil to the European Union, therefore companies need to ensure they are up to date with the latest global and local initiatives.  Learn about the requirements of global programs and tactics to ensure your company is mitigating its global exposure.

Closing Session Keynote:  Affordable Care Act 2016 and Beyond
John A. Haslinger

The ACA is a complex piece of legislation, and regulations have changed over time, while new regulations continue to be issued.  This session will focus on ensuring employers are up to date on the most recent requirements, what they must do in order to avoid fines, key trends and best practices in complying with and administering the ACA


Keynote Speaker:  Fire Up Your Career
Barbara Youngman, CPP

Do you want to be the next “Master Payroll Chef”?  We all have the talent for building a successful career, but we might need to dust off the recipe and sharpen our skills.  Together we will build an award-winning recipe by leveraging key leadership skills to Fire Up Your Career!





Austin has a variety of flavors that will inspire anyone visiting this city to put their taste buds to work. 
It is centrally located in Central Texas and is the capital of the state of Texas.  The city itself dates back
to the 1830s.  The City was named after the “Father of Texas” – Stephen F. Austin. 

Austin is well known for its music and at this year’s conference you will be able to experience a local band
while enjoying many of the cities special attractions.  Austin is always alive and rich in music and food. 

Come join us as we “take a bite out of payroll” in Austin!


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