Opening Session Keynote:  Ignite Your Snap Power
DeDe Murcer Moffett

Today’s fast paced and competitive environment can slow your momentum and deregulate your rhythm. Days, weeks and years begin to add up to one big blur leaving your passions and purpose in the red. Snap Out of It!  In this interactive and entertaining session, count on seeing new achievable possibilities in your business and life while learning the simple steps that will put you back in the black and snapping to your own powerful rhythm.



General Session Keynote:  Paving the Way for Gens Y and Z - Attracting, Retaining and Inspiring Talent in a New World
Linda Lattimore

By 2020 Gen Y (The “Millenials”) will comprise over 50% of our workforce.  Are you prepared to attract and retain these young workers to your company given the competition for talent in the marketplace? How will you foster a culture attractive to them?  These questions and many more will be answered during this session.


General Session Keynote: Payroll Update:  Where We've Been, Where We're Going
Debera Salam, CPP

In this session, we will understand how shifts and trends in health care delivery, public debt, labor representation, information reporting, consumer protection, entitlement programs and immigration law have affected federal, state and local payroll and employment tax compliance in 2015 and the challenges we can likely expect in the years ahead.

General Session Keynote: Global Payroll Success:  Five Key Skills for Effective Cross-Cultural Communication
Vicki Flier Hudson

This highly interactive session highlights five key skills for creating aligned communication across cultures and languages. We will explore the concepts of creating a shared understanding between payroll professionals across borders, common pitfalls for multicultural teams, the role of cultural differences in communication breakdowns, cross-cultural best practices, and more.

General Session Keynote:  Global Payroll Trends, Metrics and Best Practices
Felicia Cheek

The results of the 2014 Global Payroll Performance Study are in and payroll continues to change.  Join this session to gain insight on how payroll leaders are lowering operating costs across the globe, changing the alignment of the payroll process and leveraging executive support to influence internal culture changes that are conducive to top performance in payroll.

Closing Session Keynote:  Soar 2 Success
Elizabeth McCormick

Through her real life experiences about being a former US Army BlackHawk Helicopter Pilot, Elizabeth uses humor and vulnerability to share the leadership lessons learned relating to today’s business and life. You will be inspired to Soar 2 Success!

Global HR & Payroll Sessions

TPC is offering a full Global HR & Payroll Operations slate of classes including processing payroll in Asia, Latin America, European Union, and Canada.  Additional sessions include exploring the complexities of international payroll and a special keynote session dealing with cross cultural communication.  For more detailed information, please download the conference brochure.




Austin has a variety of flavors that will inspire anyone visiting this city to put their taste buds to work. 
It is centrally located in Central Texas and is the capital of the state of Texas.  The city itself dates back
to the 1830s.  The City was named after the “Father of Texas” – Stephen F. Austin. 

Austin is well known for its music and at this year’s conference you will be able to experience a local band
while enjoying many of the cities special attractions.  Austin is always alive and rich in music and food. 

Come join us as we “take a bite out of payroll” in Austin!


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